Release Date: 21 December, 2017
  1. Signature for users to be used in ticket post and replies
  2. Whatsapp API integration for notifications
  3. Integration with Clickatell SMS Platform
  4. Update the JED url in code
  5. Create ticket type options and manage them
  6. CSAT - Ask customers for rating the experience in ticket
  7. Tags for tickets
  8. Tag cloud for staff and customers
  9. Send message to mobile (SMS) for certain priorities of tickets
  10. Show history of tickets of the customer to staff for quick reference #5
  1. Login required should show a login form instead of message to login.
  2. Replace SBBCodeParser with a simple PHP BBCode parser
  3. Show a custom message to the user configured for priority whenever a new ticket is added with that priority
  4. Show the last 3 replies while replying to a ticket. Right now it shows only the latest one #38
Bugs Fixed:
  1. Already defined errors in modules
  2. User tickets history is not loading in backend
  3. Avatar is not showing up with css in backend in tickets
  4. Original description of ticket needs to be shown beneath the ticket for the first reply. Right now it is empty
  5. PHP and HTML code is getting stripped even inside [code] in description
  6. Preview is not working in markitup editor in frontend