Release Date: 07 May, 2019

JV-HelpDesk 2.3 is a feature and bug fix release.


  1. Public Tickets (Discussions) - Everyone can view ticket and it's replies. - Only in business edition
  2. Like Ticket Replies - Anyone can like replies made in public tickets. - Only in business edition
  3. Follow Tickets - Anyone can follow and be notified of replies to public tickets. - Only in business edition
  4. Upvote Tickets - Anyone can upvote a public ticket indicating a similar issue or expressing interest. - Only in business edition
  5. Private Notes in Tickets - Staff members can create private notes in tickets which are visible only to them. Typically used for internal notes. - Only in business edition
  6. First Response Time - Calculate and track First Response Time for tickets by Staff members with trending graphs. - Only in business edition
  7. Export Tickets to HTML - Export Tickets in HTML format for offline review - Only in business edition
  8. Limit Simultaneous Open Ticket Count - Set maximum number of simultaneous open tickets that a user can open. Typically used to prevent spamming by visitors. - Only in business edition
  9. Go to Last Reply - Link to the latest reply in the ticket. This will be useful when there are numerous replies and saves the user and staff from scrolling down to the latest reply each time. - Only in business edition

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare Aws\is_valid_hostname
  2. Undefined index: JHtmlBootstrap::startTabSet
  3. JvpmDb not found exception while clicking on JED already reviewed button in backend dashboard
  4. Replies are not deleted when ticket is deleted
  5. Make layout changes and custom.css file is not loaded from required location
  6. Error encountered when viewing tickets in frontend 
  7. JvldDb not found in class.base.php during migration