Release Date: 14th March, 2020

JV-HelpDesk 2.5 is a feature, enhancements and bug fix release with a host of changes. By default, all changes were introduced for Pro version unless it is specifically called out for Free version below.


  • Make a Quick Reply in tickets
  • Lockers to share confidential information with staff members
  • New Email templates 
  • Multi-Lingual support (Available in free edition as well)
  • Flag tickets by Staff members
  • Global message across Help Desk (Available in free edition as well)
  • Browser Event notification 
  • Create ticket on-behalf of customers 
  • Limit maximum number of tickets that can be opened by a user in a given category!


  • Email Format selection
  • Filter tickets by rating in back-end
  • Insert YouTube Videos in editor in your ticket or replies.  (Available in free edition as well)

Bugs Fixed:

  • File name issue for attachment
  • Visibility is not loaded after error is thrown
  • Created timestamp shows GMT instead of local timezone or timestamp shows is in GMT while creating a new ticket
  • There is no option to change confidential flag in reply edit screen
  • SQL Error when posting reply
  • New visibility not provided error
  • deprecated errors and warnings appear
  • Clicking on uploaded file in File Edit screen goes to dashboard instead of downloading file
  • 500 page error when system plugin is enabled
  • overrides pro is not set properly.
  • For a closed ticket, for admin and staff, provide rating if available
  • Missing translation strings