Release Date: 04, June 2018


  1. Updated Facebook sdk version to 5.6.2
  2. Enhanced integration to use generic oauth token instead of apikey which is deprecated.
  3. Facebook change: Provided new option for admin to choose graph api version in facebook account creation screen
  4. Enhancement: Only allow short urls. Long urls are no more options in jv-pm while posting in any account configuration.
  5. Enhancement: uri encode image urls before uploading to twitter

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Saving articles in frontend does not trigger JV-PostMaster
  2. Tumblr returns 400 bad request for some sites with accented data when uploading photo
  3. Manual posting source change behaviour was not working
  4. K2 and Joomla articles when selected in manual posting dont select the article in it.
  5. Job status message was not being sent to admin when posting failed.
  6. Alignment issue in the backend account edit screen for fields
  7. Linkedin authorization error: No message factories found. To use Guzzle, Diactoros or Slim Framework factories install php-http/message and the chosen message implementation.