Release Date: 29, April 2017


  1. Added Pinterest as the new social media account provider to which you can now post pins!
  2. Streamline ES posting to show title (predefined) and message (msg and desc)
  3. Compatibility with EasySocial 2.x
  4. HTML in raw message can be posted to ES, JS and Tumblr. It will be stripped out while posting to Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.
  5. Post updates of Easyblog post that is associated with multiple categories instead of only the primary category.


  1. Help text for EasySocial posting has been added to auto posting screen in backend.
  2. Retry logic in posting has been enhanced significantly with provider accounts letting the caller know whether the message needs to be retried or not.
  3. Introduced debug log rotation

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Manual posting of raw message fails with ingestion error in backend.
  2. During cron execution, when number of rows in jobs table increases beyond 20-25 lakhs, ingestion causes 500 internal server error.
  3. Acquire and release lock issues.
  4. EasyBlog post selection button does not respond in manual posting in backend.
  5. Sometimes the image that is extracted from content or other sources for the component do not exist causing errors.
  6. When creating EasyBlog items, automatically drafts are saved in it causing automatic queuing for posting.
  7. Messages that failed posting due to posting too fast are also getting retried.
  8. Notice error in JV-LD plugin for LUID.
  9. Installation of configuration plugin fails with PHP 5.3 and lesser versions.
  10. Cover image ion EasyBlog post does not get posted as the format of storage is different in the latest version of EB.