Release Date: 21 August, 2018

Note: After upgrading, please visit JV-ContentLinks dashboard in back-end and disable and enable the component integrations that you need

JV-ContentLinks 4.3 is almost a completely revamped release with several bug fixes, changes and new features. The core objective of the release is to keep it dead simple for users in frontend to use JV-ContentLinks to add links to keyword and purchase advertising. Some significant changes include introducing a new theme for JV-ContentLinks, ability to add link on keywords for free by users of specific user groups. 
  1. Ability to add link on keywords for free by users of specific user groups.
  2. Redesign of Front-end keyword sale screen.
  3. Notify admin of keyword sale.
  4. Partial Kunena support for JV-CL.
  5. New theme for admin area.
  6. Introduced bootstrap 2.3.2 and 3.x compatibility.
  7. Modal box integration.
  8. Font awesome integration.
  9. Admin will be able to choose to load jQuery.
  10. Admin will be able to choose bootstrap 2.3.2 or 3.x if required as Joomla template uses.
  11. Admin will be able to choose to load bootstrap 2.3.2 or 3.x CSS if required.
  12. Admin will be able to choose to load 2.3.2 or 3.x javascript if required.
  13. Ability to override template files.
  14. Made Allowed contexts for plugins a config option in component.
Bugs Fixed:
  1. No way to select EasyBlog post while adding keyword links in back-end.
  2. Fatal error while loading EasyBlog configuration screen in back-end.
  3. Code is installed as c instead of com_content, com_k2 and com_easyblog during installation of component
  4. Issues with Version Check and JED URL
  5. News feed does not load in back-end dashboard
  6. Article author is not notified of sale if revenue sharing is enabled.
  7. Publisher plugin is not enabled when we enable integration.
  1. Removed extension installers and XML files, as we will only issue a suite with all extensions in one in the future.
  2. Removed or replaced deprecated functions
  3. PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  4. Deprecated Offline mode of processing in PayPal integration.
  5. Deprecated buyer link description option in keywords.
  6. Search pages and Keyword cloud modules are deprecated in front-end.