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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta 2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of second beta release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. This beta version contains several bug fixes and minor changes. Please read our blog for more details on new features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. Thanks to christof and alialavian our customers who are helping us wit...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – New Tool bar to Search and Filter listings in Category pages

Category pages are those directory pages which are displayed when you click on a category to view the listings in it. When fully configured, typically you find listings, a google map and related listings in that page. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 version, we are introducing a new tool bar with which you...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Update – Save with Free 2CO Plugin and Merged Styles

With JV-LinkDirectory 5.12, we are getting away with Styles – modern, software and default!. The features of these styles are now merged into one global layout. With this change, you dont need to purchase additional styles anymore!. Similarly we are also embedding the 2Checkout Payment Gateway...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta Release

JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 is a feature and customer usability release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes. Visit our blog for more details. Beta release can be downloaded only by those who have signed up for beta testing @ https://www....
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