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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta 2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of second beta release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. This beta version contains several bug fixes and minor changes. Please read our blog for more details on new features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. Thanks to christof and alialavian our customers who are helping us wit...
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Calling volunteers for JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta Testing

We are nearing the completion of version 5.12 alpha phase of JV-LinkDirectory, the powerful directory extension for Joomla. Improving the ease of use for customers and administrators will continue to be the main theme of this version release. We have also entered into partnership with other prominen...
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Coupon reuse per user

JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta-2 Release and Preview of Additional Features

Here I am back again to share some more exciting news about JV-LinkDirectory 5.11. Thanks to the continued effort from our beta testers, we could successfully fix all the beta bugs and will be releasing JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta-2 tomorrow (October 11th 2017). In addition to fixing the reported bug...
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Max profiles in link plan

Beta Release Announcement and Sneak Preview of Features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.11

We are pleased to announce the release of first BETA version of JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 to our customers today. As explained in the other blog post, those who have volunteered for beta testing can download the beta version now and get started. Though usually our beta versions are stable enough, we sti...
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Calling volunteers for JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta Testing

JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful feature rich, SEO optimized, responsive Joomla Directory extension with which you can build directory of website or non-website based listings of all types like Link Directory, Real Estate Directory, Software Downloads Directory, Link Exchange Direc...
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Announcing JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 Beta

We are very glad to announce the release of the first beta version of JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 today. Customers who volunteered to participate in beta testing can now download the beta version from My Account – My Downloads area, and test it on non-live websites. If you want to enroll in beta tes...
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