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JV-LD 5.3.0 Dev Update – Module to show latest comments on listings

Following up on our series of blog posts on JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0, here we are with the next feature – “Module to show latest comments of listings”. As you would have already read the other blog posts, we are introducing integration and support for Komento and CComment for JV-Link...
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JV-LD 5.3.0 Dev Update – Comment on links in JV-LinkDirectory using CComment

With the release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.2.2, it is time to share some important updates about upcoming features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0 which is in the making. The goal of JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0 is to bring in exciting new integrations with other 3PD components and providers, along with additional ...
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