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JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 Feature Update – Enhancements to Broken Link Checker

JV-LinkDirectory already has a broken link checker in Utilities section which can be run anytime by the administrator to get the list of broken links. It was more of a know-it utility which we have now worked on to bring it to the mainstream by integrating it with the main directory functionality in...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 Feature Update – Decide who can view selected tabs in detail page

We are almost done with 80% development of JV-LinkDirectory version 5.13 and we are starting to post the feature updates in this version starting today! To start with, we are adding new options in listing detail page with which you can decide which user groups can view the tabs or sections. Typicall...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Back Link Check as an option in Link Plan!

In JV-LinkDirectory, there are 2 types of listings that can be added viz. One way links and Two way links. Two way links are those which have a back link from the partner’s site to your site. They are also called reciprocal links. Such links can be added to your directory only after the submit...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Simplifying Usage of Advertisements in your Directory!

As you already aware, JV-LinkDirectory provides “Advertisements”, a revenue making feature by which you can add advertisements or banners or any HTML/non-HTML content in pre-defined slots in your directory. Till date, to achieve this you had to create advertisement specification ( adspec...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – More Extra Fields for your Directory!

JV-LinkDirectory provides a way for administrator and site visitors to add specific data for their listings via “Extra Fields” or “Custom Fields”. Till date you could create fields like Checkbox, Address Location, Country, Date, Dropdown, Editor, Email, Facebook URL, Google P...
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